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hardware wallet and eSIM

SIM Connected Bound Token
By hashing the data within the SIM, the PoSIM protocol creates unique identifiers to be used as IDs and identifies live mobile devices used by real people; additionally, the SIMask will use Merkle proofs to separate different distributors; in the future, distributors may implement additional KYC, and the Merkle proofs can be used to indicate the distributors with such KYC without revealing any user data.



 The ETID token economy represents an user inclusive internet economy, where users have controls over the anonymous user data where data monetization can be attributed to individual users who have contribution.

ETID will start with development of the token economy in three areas: security services, identity services, and connectivity services.

Early Adopter Airdrop grogram is excusive to early adopters.


SIMask is a SIM sized, NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, open source hardware wallet that provides security for digital assets, prevents cyber-attacks, and secures private keys against lost or theft.  Additionally, we have Android SDK development packages that can be used for deployment and connecting to other wallets such as MetaMask, decreasing the security cost and concern for adopters of web3.

eSIM is already standardized and supported by many operators around the world, allowing for download of eSIM services from telecom providers for connectivity.  With the eSIM function, any compatible SIM card slot can be turned into an eSIM.

eSIM is an optional function of the initial offer.


The MetaDuet APP

Download from the Playstore.

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